[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title=”Can I order courses over the phone?”]Yes, call 786-600-7924 [/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Are the courses taken online only?”]No, there are 3 methods for taking our courses.
• Order online or by phone material to be received thru the mail.
• Download course material..
• Take test online.[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”What happens if I do not pass the test on my first attempt?”]You have 3 attempts to pass, If you do not pass on the 3rd attempt you will need to repurchase the course. If you study the material provided you should have no problem passing the course. [/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Do I have a time limit to complete the course/test?”]Yes, You have one year to complete a course which should be plenty of time [/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How do I know my information is secured?”]Your information is encrypted using industry standard SSL technology. This provides safety and privacy. Our privacy policy is available on the bottom of our main page. [/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How can I pay for a course?”]Just click the buy now button for courses/course you want, or call 786-600-7924 anytime. If you would like to mail a check or money order make check or money order payable to One Stop Continuing Education Address 6043 NW 167th STE# A17 Miami, FL. 33015 All credit card transactions are processed thru PayPal. [/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”How soon after I take the test can I expect to get my certificate?”]If you pay for the course then take and pass the test online, the certificate is instant. If you fax or mail in the test, it takes 7 to 10 days business days to receive.[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Who sees how I scored on the tests?”]Only the school knows your test scores. State boards and the National Association only want to know if you passed and that you were issued a certificate.[/ppmtoggle][/ppmaccordion]


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