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HEMME APPROACH to Managing Low Back Pain (12 ceu’s)

HEMME APPROACH to Managing Low Back Pain

Product Description

Description: This course will teach you.

Nine fallacies relating to low back pain.
The sixteen major muscle groups that cause low back pain.
The correct ways to use trigger point and neuromuscular therapy.
The four ligaments that cause low back back pain.
The eight-step evaluation and exercise plan for stopping low back pain.
The elements of self-treatment for common low back pain.

Goal: By combining the problem-solving capabilities of the HEMME Approach with logical theories and workable solutions relating to low back pain, the information in this course can drastically change the way common low back pain is being treated. By understanding the information in this manual, practitioners will have the knowledge and confidence to evaluate and treat even the most complex forms of common low back pain.

Module 1 HEMME Approach to Low Back Pain (12 ceu's)
Unit 1 HEMME Approach to low back pain (12ceu's)